Caring for the Environment

The CRRU Code

Pest contractors should be adhering to the following as highlighted in the CRRU code of practice…

  • Only using rodenticides for the minimum period that will achieve control. Most infestations can be completely controlled within 35 days.
  • Always follow the guidelines as laid out on the product label.
  • Records of all treatments should be kept.
  •  A site plan or location checklist for your premises which identifies all external bait station locations should be made available.
  • A record of the quantity of bait which has been used should always be kept.
  • Dead rodent check conducted.
  • A thorough inspection of the site to assess current activity should be completed.
  • Any areas of your site which are posing a risk of ingress by foraging rodents should be documented.
  • An Environmental Risk Assessment should be carried out before any job is completed.
  • Recommendations for any improvements which can be made externally to reduce the likelihood of rodent infestations occurring in the first place should be documented.
East Riding Pest Management